CKCB And Our Nation’s Veterans

US FlagThe CKCB regularly plays Bob Lowdon’s Armed Forces Salute which features The Caisson SongSemper ParatusThe Marines’ HymnThe U.S. Air Force, and Anchors Aweigh–the representative songs of the main branches of our military. As the band plays this, it usually invites veterans and members of each branch in the audience to stand when their service tune is played.

Several band members also stand during the selection.

At that moment perhaps there is a bit less performance going on in front of the audience for these members and perhaps a bit more connection with the audience than is possible with a different kind of selection. The shared aesthetic experience is accompanied by an element of shared experiences in service of our country.

And at its core, music is about sharing experiences, be they emotions, images, sounds, or life experiences.

How delighted and honored the band is to be performing for local veterans at the V.A. Medical Center at 2250 Leestown Road in Lexington on June 19 at 6:30 P.M. The veterans and the staff and volunteers at the center invite everyone to come join the CKCB at this free event on the stately grounds of the center.