CKCB Friends

Become a Friend of the Central Kentucky Concert Band
The Central Kentucky Concert Band invites you to become a member of the Friends of the Band organization. The primary goal of this organization is the continued financial health of the band. Your generous donation to the Friends will help the Central Kentucky Concert Band continue its mission of providing free concerts throughout the Bluegrass region. The band is a 501(C)(3) organization; your contribution to the Friends is tax deductible.

Visit the “Join CKCB Friends” page for information about how to join.

Current Friends of the Central Kentucky Concert Band

Susan Alexander
Cheryl Burgess Amstutz
Les Anderson
Marjorie Barker
Jackie Briscoe
Jackie & Robert Cooper
John & Karen Cosby
Don & Pat Dampier
Dick & Billie Jo Dandenau
Carolyn P. Davis
Sheila Dingrando
David Eirich
Dr. James & Judy Ferrell
Kyoko Fukuoka
Gary & Kathy Ginn
Carole & Wayne Gnatuk
Alice Green
Timothy Gregg
Rose Marie Hackett
Phyllis R. Hasbrouck
Herman & Roslyn Heise
Juda Maria Hellmann
William & Lisa Hensinger
Nathan Hoskins
Tom Hunter
Alan Joyce
Charlie Kahn
Melissa Kahn
Callie & Joker King
Beth Kraemer
Dr. Peter J. LaRue
Harry & Melissa LeVine
Susan Liddle
Billie & Leanne Long
Jefferson Lynn
Gary & Judith Mayrweiser
Jack and Penny McNees
Jeff Meade
Nancy B. Meade
Bridgette Meyers
Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Mitchell
Mark Mitchell
Lakshmi Naidu
Florence J. Nickell
Frances Nickell
Dan Niffenegger
Andrew Owens
Lee Patrick
Marilyn Paulsen
Robert & Sue Pickett
Maoko Pietryga
Don Schabel
Patricia Schabel
Douglas & Martha Sell
David & Phyllis Shepard
Doug Smith
Wayne & Laura Lee Smith
Mary Lou Stephens, in memory of Allan
Bennett Stephens
Jim Stone Jazz Band, in memory of Jim Stone
David & Marian Sublette
Mark Summers
Robert & Kameron Tegge
John Tomme
Jefferson Wilham
Ralph & Sharon Wilham
Fernie III & Marguerite Williams
Mark & Paula Williams
Frances Wortham
Scott & Susan Zarzycki


Individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the Band

Transylvania University
Pickett Brass
The Young at Heart Big Band
Doug Smith Designs
Les & Cathy Anderson
Don & Pat Schabel
Marilyn Paulsen
WUKY & Curtains at Eight
H&R Block Lexington
Butch Schroyer, DVM
The Opera House Fund


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