Current CKCB Friends

Become a Friend of the Central Kentucky Concert Band
The Central Kentucky Concert Band invites you to become a member of the Friends of the Band organization. The primary goal of this organization is the continued financial health of the band. Your generous donation to the Friends will help the Central Kentucky Concert Band continue its mission of providing free concerts throughout the Bluegrass region. The band is a 501(C)(3) organization; your contribution to the Friends is tax deductible.

Visit the “Join CKCB Friends” page for information about how to join.

Current Friends of the Central Kentucky Concert Band

Les & Kathy Anderson
Joy Aten, In memory of Lyle
Alexander & Donna Cartwright
Gail Cohen
Jackie & Robert Cooper
Karen & John Cosby
Raymond Cox & Elizabeth Gordon
Connie & Doug Crowe
David Cups
Dick & Billie Jo Dandeneau
Sheila Dingrando
Warren Davis
Ferrellmont Farm
Bob & Jerylyn Fortney
Gary & Kathy Ginn
Carole & Wayne Gnatuk
Phyllis Hasbrouck
Ben & Cyndee Hawkins
Tom Hunter
Michael Igo
Charlie &  Melissa Kahn
Beth Kraemer
Benson Lange
Dr. Peter J. LaRue
Wendy Latunik & Brian Dials
Dena Lawing
Harry & Melissa LeVine
Susan Liddle
Nancy McKenny
Adrienne McKinney
Bill & Nancy Meade
Harry & Mary Mitchell
Mark Mitchell
Patty & William Morris
Dan & Irene Hume Niffenegger
Lee Patrick
Thomas & Marilyn Paulson
Richard & Patricia Pellegrini
Don & Patricia Schabel
Gary & Sheri Seckman
Andy & Kristy Segebarth
Eric Sevdy
David & Phyllis Shepard
Doug Smith
David & Anne Stith
Nancy Edmonds Smith
Lee & Jane Stritesky
David & Marian Sublette
Suzanne Sullivan
Mark Summers
John Tomme
Daryl & Carol Watwood
Steve Waxman
Anne & Rodney Wells
Jason Whitaker
Patricia Wilson
Frances Worthan