CKCB 2017-2018 Season

Russian Masters of Music. March Fo(u)rth. Tribute to Bernstein.

There it is. Our primary concert season expressed in nine words, but so much music is behind those nine words.

On December 3rd, we’ll present Tchaikovsky, Kabalevsky, Shostakovitch, Rimsky-Korsakov, and others in a program that will range from gorgeous harmonies, stately melodies, to rhythms  that will make you dance in your seat. 

CKCB Dramatic B&W RussiaAfter our Russian concert, the calendar flips and so will you as we March Fo(u)rth into 2018. We will salute the masters of the march in that March 4th (see what we did there?) concert.

CKCB Dramatic B&W March2018 marks the 100th birthday of Leonard Bernstein. His compelling melodies and harmonies have graced many stages, the airwaves, and music collections for decades. We’re paying tribute to Mr. Bernstein on May 6 at the Lexington Opera House–perhaps a most fitting venue to present this master of musical theater.

CKCB Dramatic B&W BernsteinOur concerts will all be at 3 PM in the afternoon and as always there is no admission charge or tickets required.

Check back here and on our FB page for updates to each concert.