Three for 3/3

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February sometimes seems like the longest month, even though it’s the shortest. But we’re here to celebrate its ending with a band concert next week! March 3rd, at 3pm at the Haggin Auditorium at Transylvania University! Here are three tidbits about three of the pieces that will delight your ears and minds next week:

  1. We’re playing a trio of dances, inspired by the following three songs: The Last Pint of AleWell May I Behold My Faithful Brown-Hair’d Maid and Highlander’s Jig. Will you be able to figure out which song this is from looking at the program?
  2. We’re playing a symphony commissioned by Duke University’s conductor at the time, Paul Bryan. When talking about why the composer felt like writing a symphony to fulfill this commission? He says he simply “felt like it.” He wants the audience to enjoy the music, and to think of nothing more than what they hear. We, like the composer, “hope it makes music.”
  3. Though another selection will be the first movement of a longer piece, it follows the theme of threes as it features three of our brass players from the band. A program note for this piece says that there’s a sense of sarcasm throughout the music. Perhaps it echoes the mien of our conductor? That’s for you to decide.

These little teasers will all become clear on March 3rd, at 3pm, and we hope to see you there! Enjoy our free concert, and feel free to pose some guesses as to these three pieces before you get a chance to see the program!