Angels in the Architecture – and at the Lexington Opera House

The Lexington Opera House will be hosting the Central Kentucky Concert Band on May 5th at 3pm (that’s one week away!) Our music will take you to other planets, other places, other worlds. One of our pieces may transport you even further, to the unknown world of the heavens as we play Frank Ticheli’s “Angels in the Architecture.”


In Ticheli’s own words, “The work unfolds as a dramatic conflict between the two extremes of human existence — one divine, the other evil.” From a quiet Shaker song to a Hebrew song of peace, “Angels in the Architecture” is meant “pose the unanswered question of existence,” the constant and un-ending battle between light and dark – will one ever triumph over the other.

As a part of this piece, we have a guest soloist, Dr. Catherine Clarke Nardolillo, a wonderful Kentucky-grown vocalist, sharing her gifts with us on stage. She’s performed in numerous laudable locations, including Carnegie Hall, and she’s been reviewed in the New York Times – we are indeed fortunate to have her singing with us for this concert!

During times of strife and turmoil, music can be a way to help us answer the questions we have about life. While Ticheli’s motif may not leave you entirely settled, it may leave you with a sense that you aren’t alone in the world, that other people are along the journey with you. 

We hope to see you next Sunday, freshly recovered from the Derby, at the Lexington Opera House!


Our spring concert will be held May 5th at 3pm at the Lexington Opera House. RSVP to our event on Facebook