Kentucky is alive, with the sound of music…

This is not the summer concert season that CKCB planned, but we still want to reach out to all of you, our biggest fans and supporters! On Sunday, July 5th, at 3pm, we will be posting one of our summer concerts from last year on our Facebook page, to revisit and enjoy the magic of music from CKCB.

There’s no image or words that can convey the heaviness of the message as we share that our fall season will not take place as originally planned. Because of COVID-19, and the necessary restrictions on gatherings in place, the CKCB will be unable to rehearse, and thus unable to perform.

The board is brainstorming ways to keep our community involved, and this Sunday is just one of those ways. Stay tuned to see what we have in store, and stay connected by following us on Facebook.

See you on Sunday, and I hope we’ll see you in the comments!