Time For Band!

Time is inextricably woven through the fabric of the band experience. One of the first instructions in a piece of music is the time signature—how fast the music will be played and what “gear” the music is written in—just as the pulse of a waltz is different than the pulse of a march.

A selection of music unwinds through time as it is being played. It begins and continues for a specific period of time, with each note and chord being on the crest of the wave that is time itself. When one looks at a piece of sheet music, one is, in effect, seeing a span of time in one glance. This may be how deities or time lords view time. Not that band members consider themselves as such. Well, maybe the trumpet players do.

The Central Kentucky Concert Band will be in concert on Sunday, December 7 at 3 PM. They’ll be performing at Transylvania University’s Mitchell Fine Arts Center’s Haggin Hall.

One of the selections they’ll be playing is the 3rd movement from Charles Ives’ Piano Sonata No. 2—Concord Sonata—“The Alcotts”. This dream-like selection draws from the transcendentalist movement of New England when Emerson and Thoreau—two of the most well-known transcendentalists of the day were writing. The piece itself is a collage of the sounds of the Alcotts’ house in Concord as the Alcott children practiced the 5th of Beethoven and other songs on the old piano that was given to them by Thoreau’s little sister, Sophia. Ives’ piece weaves these melodies throughout his work. In a sense, the listeners are transported through time and space to a house to hear generations of sounds and melodies that rang within it.

Ben Hawkins
Ben Hawkins

Time also figures prominently in the life of the band itself. This concert will be the debut of the return of Dr. Ben Hawkins, who again, after a two–decade absence again serves as the Director/Conductor of the Central Kentucky Concert Band. Hawkins is the Professor of Music; Program Director; and Director of Instrumental Ensembles at Transylvania University.

Says Hawkins, “It’s wonderful to be back with the Central Kentucky Concert Band after all these years. I have an even greater appreciation of the significance that music has for these adult players than I did during my first stint.”

“I am a different person now than I was the first time around, and the comparison causes me to reflect often and on a variety of subjects. Kind of of a personal time machine, I guess!”

Hawkins recognizes the significance of time throughout many of the selections the band is performing at the concert.

“Several of the works we are performing evoke the idea of time. The “Suite of Old American Dances, “Elegy for a Young American,” and “The Alcotts” are all nostalgic, in different respects of our American past. “Nimrod,” like the rest of the “Enigma Variations” refers to the ongoing rewards of friendship.”

The Central Kentucky Concert Band looks forward to maintaining a long friendship with their new conductor/director, Dr. Ben Hawkins.

Admission to the concert is free.

The Central Kentucky Concert Band was formed in 1976 and is an outlet for adult musicians in the Central Kentucky region to play with an ensemble. Based at Transylvania University, the band performs three concerts each year along with an outdoor concert series throughout central Kentucky. It has received financial support from LexArts and private contributions and is a member of the Association of Concert Bands of America, Inc.