Happy New Year, CKCB!

I hope everyone has had a great holiday and is looking forward to our first rehearsal of 2015 this Thursday, January 8. In an attempt to exorcise the wintry weather that we are likely to be sick of by the time our March 1 concert rolls around, our program will be “Music of Cold Places.”

As you know, we have many fewer rehearsals for the March concert as we did for December. That makes attendance all the more critical to our musical success. Moreover, now that you have shown me how well you can play, I have programed repertoire that will challenge all of us to perform well.

Please consider inviting a friend (or friends) to join our happy troupe at this point in the year. We could especially use added strength in horns and trombones. We will have an oboist, and I am optimistic that we might snag a second one. Another competent percussionist would be good to have, as well. Otherwise, I think we are in excellent shape, although a good musician is always welcome, whatever their instrument.

I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2015, and eagerly anticipate seeing you and making music with you on Thursday.